The Government Micro-Purchase Marketplace! is platform marketplace owned and operated by THINK Acquisition LLC, a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. MicroMarket is dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of government micro purchase services. Our platform is built upon the foundation of simplifying searches (and requests), providing an arena for service providers to be seen and compete, and ensuring a trusted, efficient solution for all micro-purchase government services transactions. For our government-side users, we promise an effortless discovery process, allowing quick access to a range of specialized services vendors. We understand the importance of time and efficiency, and our platform reflects our commitment to making the micro-purchase procurement process as seamless as possible. As competition thrives, it breeds quality and innovation, ensuring that government entities have the best options at their fingertips. For our vendors, MicroMarket isn't just a marketplace; it's a launchpad for business creation and growth. We provide unparalleled access to government opportunities, acting as a bridge between businesses and the vast potential of the government micro purchase spend. Every vendor on our platform has the chance to showcase their unique offerings, innovate based on real-time feedback, deliver extraordinary value and build a consistent revenue stream. At the heart of MicroMarket is our unwavering commitment to trust, transparency, and mutual success. We believe that by fostering an environment where government representatives can effortlessly find what they need, and vendors can tap into a thriving micro-purchases market, we are building a future where micro purchases are not just entry level transactions; but opportunities for growth, collaboration, progress and innovation."

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Proudly American-Owned

MicroMarket proudly stands as a 100% American-owned and operated marketplace. We are dedicated to fueling small business innovation, growth, and addressing our nation's unique procurement opportunities.

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Unparalleled Payment Security

Experience peace of mind with Stripe Merchant Services at MicroMarket. Every transaction is processed securely, ensuring your data's safety and providing reliable, hassle-free payment experiences.

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Proven Procurement Prowess

MicroMarket's leadership boasts deep expertise in government procurement. We are intimately familiar with your challenges, and our platform is tailored to deliver practical, effective procurement solutions.

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Small Business Development

MicroMarket is your bridge between dedicated government buyers and committed vendors. Dive into a platform thoughtfully designed for transparency, efficiency, and fostering mutual business growth.

Micro Market's impact, mission and vision

Central to MicroMarket's ethos are trust, transparency, and mutual success. We firmly believe that by cultivating an environment where government representatives effortlessly find what they seek and vendors tap into a thriving micro-purchase market, we are forging a future where micro purchases become more than just basic transactions. Instead, they evolve into opportunities for collaboration, advancement, progress, and innovation. Our dedication to this vision propels us forward as we reshape the landscape of government micro purchases, driving positive change for both service providers and government entities alike.