Buyer Responsibility Reminder:


Welcome to As a purposely designed marketplace for government micro-purchase services, we pride ourselves on simplifying the buying process for government agencies while enhancing market research and streamlining the buying experience. Here’s what you need to know as a buyer:

• Platform Functionality: is uniquely designed to cater to government services buyers, creating a seamless transaction environment that bridges vendor services and government buyers. • Federal Micro-Purchase Threshold & Government Purchase Card: The federal micro-purchase threshold of $10,000 represents the limit up to which vendors can offer services on the platform, making the process clear, efficient and hassle-free. • Productized Services Explained: ‘Productized’ services are standardized, scaled, pre-packaged services sold at a set price. These services are designed to be delivered consistently, ensuring clarity, professionalism and quality every time.

• Finding Vendor Services: Our platform simplifies your search by categorizing services. With over 10 categories of micro-purchase service offerings, you can easily identify and select the services that match your agency's requirements. • Efficient Market Research: Leverage our platform for efficient and expansive market research, gaining insights into trending services, vendor performances, and more. • Broadening Vendor Reach: was designed to casts a wide net, incorporating both established and non-traditional vendors, thus diversifying the range and quality of services available to you and your agency.

• Efficiency & Convenience: Our platform is carefully designed to aggregate broad categories of vendor services, focus demand, and eliminate current inefficiencies in the micro-purchase procurement process. • Trusted Vendors: With pre-established pricing and vendor reviews, you are assured of making informed purchasing decisions. • Unique Benefits: Experience unmatched convenience, a wide selection, market competition, compliance assurance, and top-tier service delivery quality. • Data & Analytics: We aggregate essential data, offering analytics that can guide your buying decisions and provide insights into market trends. • On-Platform Communication: Engage directly with vendors, fostering clarity, negotiations and ensuring your agency's needs are accurately met at purchase.

• Our Revenue Model: The platform earns through transaction fees per sale, which is deducted from the vendor proceeds. This ensures no added cost to you, our buyers. • Zero Hidden Costs: As a buyer, you enjoy a completely free experience, absent of membership fees, contracts, or commitments. • Vendor Pricing Structure: Vendors on our platform set their prices either on an hourly basis or as flat/project-based quotes. • Tax Information: Although transactions are facilitated through our platform, we do not charge or collect taxes on vendor revenue. All tax-related concerns and responsibilities lie with marketplace vendors. • Secure Payments: All credit card transactions on our platform are securely processed by Stripe Merchant Services, ensuring your financial data's safety and compliance.

Government Purchase Card (GPC) buyers are solely responsible for: 1. Addressing supply chain considerations, 2) Reviewing Excluded Parties List (EPL) for interested vendors, and 3) Addressing any Physical Security and/or Personnel Accessibility issues that may accompany prospective micro-purchases. Security and access considerations are not one size fits all.

• Diverse Role Profiles: Our platform maintains separate profiles for buyers and vendors, tailoring features and functionalities for your unique needs. • Assistance & Support: Facing technical glitches or have queries? Don't hesitate to contact us on the platform's Contact Us Page. • Certified Ownership: Our platform's ownership team is comprised of a former federal government contracting officer, prior Head of Contracting Authority (HCA)/Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) and is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SBVOSB) under NAICS Code 518210. These attributes ensure we operate with the highest standards of integrity, procurement knowledge and commitment to quality. is more than just a micro-purchasing platform; it's a revolution in the way government agencies seek, discover and purchase micro-purchase level services. As you navigate through our platform, rest assured that every feature is designed intentionally -- keeping you in mind, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and quality. Join us, explore, and let us help you redefine the micro-purchasing experience! Welcome to MicroMarket.